A Wine Experience

Building and promoting dialogues among people and wines.

This was a 7-week project (Mar 12 - Apr 30, 2015) in the course “Experience Design” at HCI/d, IUB. I teamed with Mochen Liu, Amanda Peterson, and Derrick Roach to design a wine tasting experience, which could build and promote dialogues among people and wines.

I actively participated in various design activities, including research, sketching, ideation, storyboarding, prototyping, filming, and the final video editing.

Connect Visitors and Create Dialogues
We were tasked with creating an interactive exhibition experience, which should be both educational and entertaining toward an expected learning experience.
Our team chose to create an experience that focused on connecting visitors and create dialogue in a wine tasting exhibit.

Final Video

How We Got There
The Constraint
The setting of the exhibition was a 30 x 30 ft (roughly) physical space. It could be indoor or outdoor. There was no vertical limitation.
Walls might separate the space or not. It could be an open or closed space. Multiple people might interact with multiple digital artifacts in a shared setting.
User Research
Based on the following 3 paradigms:
 1. Human Centered Computing
 2. Social Computing
 3. Tangible & Affective Computing
We conducted the following research methods to inform our design:
 1. Survey
 2. Participant Observation
 3. Contextual Inquiry
 4. Semantic Differential
 5. Role-playing
Research Reports: